Bangin’ BBQ Burger

Love the flavor of barbecue sauce? Impress your family and guests by baking the flavor into the burgers instead of having to pour the sauce on afterwards.  That way you get the credit and not the sauce!  Here’s a simple way to make an impressive burger.

  • Your favorite BBQ sauce
  • diced onions or onion flakes
  • egg & olive oil
  • salt & pepper

barbecue burger

Game Plan:

1. Combine all ingredients and mix together with your hands.

BBQ burger

2.  Form into patties.

3.  Grill or freeze for later use.

BBQ burger and maccaroni

Like to dress your burger up with bacon?  We do.  Check out an easy and mess free way to cook bacon.

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Our favorite barbecue sauce is Show-Me’s.  What’s yours?

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