Add some Charm to your Home with Flower Boxes

Several weeks ago I fell in love…with some flower boxes!  Lucky for me, I still had some birthday money left which I was eager to trade in for some charming, wrought iron flower boxes to soften the outside of our home.

DIY flower boxes

I found the flower boxes at Menards for $25 a piece.  I was hoping for something a bit cheaper, but the extra money was well worth it because they just looked more sturdy then all the other ones I had seen.  My husband Jeff wasn’t quite as excited when I brought them home because he knew it was going to be a project for him to do!  I’m not scared of using power tools, but I definitely am not near as skilled with them as he is.  Plus, the thought of drilling into our brick wall…now that does scare me!

Anyway, Jeff got them up for me the next day.  I think it took him around 15-20 minutes.  He was kind enough to take some pics while doing so in case you want to add some charm to your house with flower boxes too!

  • flower boxes
  • masonry screws
  • hammer drill
  • masonry drill bits sized for screws
  • masking tape
Game Plan:

1. Hold up the flower box and mark the screw locations with tape.

add flower boxes to your house

2. After the tape is up, hold the flower box up again and use a pencil to draw in the holes where the screws go.

hang up flower boxes

3. Drill the screw holes using a hammer drill and masonry bits.  Make sure you set the depth according to the instructions on the box of masonry screws.

how to hang up flower boxes on the front of a house

Use a depth gauge so you don't drill too deep

attach flower boxes beneath a window sill

Make sure you use a hammer drill when drilling into brick

4. Screw in the screws using a cordless screwdriver.  Before fastening them all the way, make sure to hang up the flower boxes so they can be secured in place.

how to attach flower boxes to brick wall

how to hang up flower boxes beneath window

5. Fill flower boxes with soil and plants of your choice.

I chose to stick with the purple, white, and blue color scheme I have in our front flower beds.

how to attach flower boxes to brick wall


add some charm to your home with flower boxes


attach flower boxes to brick wall

Delicate purple and white blooms soften the rough, cold brick

5 comments to Add some Charm to your Home with Flower Boxes

  • Annie

    They really look pretty! All your flowers do…I told dad last night that all your flowers around your house are really looking good! You didn’t get your green thumb from me…Maybe dad!

  • Katie H.

    I have flower boxes on my house when we bought it but haven’t gotten the chance to get flowers in them. Do u have any recommendation on what types of flowers do best in the boxes?

    • Brady

      I have to admit, I’m sort of new to this area since I just put in flower boxes. I do know that Impatiens, petunias, and geraniums work well in containers/flower boxes. The big white ones in my flower boxes are petunias. I like them because they will spill over the edge once they start growing. A tip that might be helpful is to look at what is sold in hanging baskets in the stores, most likely they will do well.

  • g Jones

    where can we purchase the flower box baskets as shown on your website

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