How to Make a Cake Board


Want to save money by making your own cake instead of buying a store bought one?  Need something to display it on? Making a cake board is simple so there’s no need to go out and buy something to put your cake on.  Just follow these easy steps and you’ll have a custom one in no time.

how to make a cake board
  • thick cardboard
  • utility knife or sturdy scissors
  • aluminum foil, wax paper, or wrapping paper
  • tape
  • ruler (optional)
Game Plan:

1. Place the cake pan you will be using onto the cardboard and trace around the pan.

2.  Remove the pan and add a couple of inches to the outline tracing; cut the cardboard using a utility knife or scissors.

  • If using a utility knife, place a scrap piece of cardboard or a cutting board underneath the cardboard you’re cutting
  • 3. Tear off a sheet of aluminum foil, wax paper, or wrapping paper large enough to cover the top of the cardboard and with at least an inch overhang. You may need to use more than one piece and will have to overlap them.

  • There is more selection when it comes to wrapping paper, but if you’re going to ice the cake on the cake board, you must be very careful not to let it drop on the wrapping paper, otherwise it can leave a wet/grease stain.
  • 4. Set the cake board down on the aluminum foil, wax paper, or wrapping paper and fold the paper over the sides of the cake board. Use tape to secure the paper to the back of the cardboard.

    how to make a cake board

    I used wrapping paper and a diapers cardboard box to make my cake board

    how to make a cake board

    Secure the wrapping paper to the back of the cake board

    5. Turn the cake board over. When you finish baking the cake, carefully place it in the center of the cake board

    how to make a cake board using wrapping paper

    The topside of the cake board

    how to make a cake board

    Your cake board should provide a 1-2" border around the cake

    Check out more of the bridal shower I made this cake board for.
    Any other tips on making cake boards?

    7 comments to How to Make a Cake Board

    • Julie

      If you place pieces of wax paper between the cake and board, it will catch any mess from frosting. Then you just pull the wax paper out when you are done frosting and have a clean board. Also, pieces of wood work really well as they can hold the weight of larger cakes better. Home improvement stores can cut them to size for you.

    • amanda

      when using the wrapping paper, if u put seran wrap over it, will you be able to frost it on top of the wrapping paper? or would it look stupid?

      • Brady

        You would be able to frost it on top, it may not look the best, but you could cover it and see. I would think it’s worth a try. Some wrapping papers are better than others. The darker the color, the easier and I’m just extra careful!

    • Connie

      Is wrapping paper food-safe? I’d have serious reservations about using it.

    • Some time back I had made one using cereal box and wrapped with aluminum foil!
      I like the idea of using colorful wrapping paper more, but might have to cover it with cling wrap or something (same concern as above commenter)…

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