How to Throw a Bridal Shower


Have a close friend or relative getting married? Why not honor them by throwing them a spectacular bridal shower?  I was lucky enough to be able to throw one of my close friends a bridal shower recently (with the help of my mom and two other terrific ladies).  If you’ve ever thrown a shower before, you know it can be a big project.  I thought I would share some of the things we did for my friend Teah’s shower to help lessen the enormity of the job.   If you’re new to the whole shower thing, you’ll find a loose framework of things needed for a successful shower.  If you’ve been here, done that and have lost count of what shower this is for you, then hopefully you’ll still find some fresh ideas to make this shower unique.

Game Plan:

1.  Choose a color scheme (I prefer to stick to the wedding colors)

A bonus of sticking to the wedding colors, is the shower decorations can be given to the bride afterwards for possible use in the wedding.  It would be doing her a favor and could possibly save her some money!

2. Choose or create an invitation that reflects the mood/theme/style of the shower/wedding.

bridal shower invitation

The bridal shower invitation I created using Photoshop Elements

3. Have some decorations to add color to tables and provide interest

  • Rolling ribbons out along the middle of the tables is an easy way to add a splash of color
  • Hobby Lobby usually has their ribbon on sale every other week making for a cheap decoration
  • I used leftover stones from the centerpiece (see below) to add more color to the tables
  • I used scrap paper from making the centerpiece to make confetti hearts, words, and initials using a cricuit machine
  • Place pieces of scrapbooking paper on the table to make the table “pop” with color!
  • Buy napkins, plates, and silverware in your shower colors
  • black and blue bridal shower decorations

    Ribbons, homemade confetti, and stones add interest to the white tablecloth

    blue circle h

    A confetti H I made using a cricuit machine

    silverware, napkins, and plates for bridal shower

    Buy napkins, plates, and silverware that match your colors and they become part of the decor!

    4.  Have a decoration piece that makes a statement or is a focal point

    black, white, and blue bridal shower decoration

    These monogrammed circles make a statement when put in bud vases.

    5.  Buy thank you cards and pass out envelopes at the shower to have guests write their address on

  • Try to find thank you cards that match the wedding shower colors and theme
  • This is a nice gesture and saves the bride a lot of time because she doesn’t have to write or look up addresses
  • pens and envelopes for a bridal shower

    Place your envelopes in a basket so they're easy to pass around and don't forget the pens! I added ribbon to the containers to tie them into the shower decor!

    6.  Give the shower around 9 or 10 and have it be a brunch

    Having a brunch allows everyone to still have the rest of their day to go to other events or activities.  Plus, there is a plethora of  breakfast foods to make and they’re relatively easy to do.

    southwest breakfast casserole

    The bride, Teah, sampling the breakfast spread

    wedding shower brunch

    A spread of breakfast delights: muffins, coffee cake, fruit, and more!

    7. Wrap your present in the shower colors to help carry on the theme throughout the room

    elegantly wrapped gift

    8. Make sure to set up a table for guests to put presents on when they arrive.

    If you have enough helpers, try to have someone greet at the door and offer to take presents to the table, take their coats, etc.

    table full of gifts

    Make sure the gift table is in close proximity to where the bride will be opening gifts

    8. Have a cake to celebrate the day.

    I by no means think this is a must, but my husband and I wanted to make a second attempt at making a fondant cake so we created this elegant monogrammed cake.

    white monogrammed fondant cake

    A small chocolate cake with fondant icing adds some sweetness to the spread!

    9. Have one or two games for guests to play.

  • Think about your audience when choosing a game.  If it is a younger audience, they might be up for something more crazy, action involved, or creative.  If it is an older crowd, you might want to stay with something simple and that can be done in their seats.
  • Based on the audience for Teah’s shower, I chose to make a crossword puzzle with clues about the couple.
  • wedding shower crossword puzzle

    The guests filled out the crossword while Teah was opening gifts.

    10.  Have a prize for the winner of the game

  • The prize should be something the bride would like because the guest who wins the game usually gives it to the bride since it is her day.
  • I am all for the bride getting a gift for the game, but I also like for the person who won to get something to, so I like to have two gifts: one for the winner and one for the bride.
  • Wrap your gifts in the shower colors and then the gifts can become part of the decor!
  • elegant boxes

    Boxes I made to match and contain the game prizes

    make your own magnets

    Magnets I made as game prizes. They are in the wedding/shower colors and say: Joy, Faith, Hope & Love. The bride got additional magnets with their wedding date on it, monogram, and "I do."

    11.  Have someone record the gifts as they’re opened

  • Make sure you put who gave the gift next to the gift
  • Record of shower gifts

    Write down who gave what so the bride can use the list when writing thank you cards to all the guests. Make sure to write neatly!

    12.  After the shower, make sure to help the bride get all the packages into her vehicle.

    What did you find useful?  Have any other tips for throwing a bridal shower?

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