The Yellow Shirt Story



So today’s tip my husband didn’t think was a good idea to post…but I couldn’t help resist because I think it is a really good tip, yet I understand his point…you’ll see what I mean once you hear it.  So hear it goes, after spending a week going through your wardrobe, I’m sure there are still several clothing items you’ve held onto for some reason or another that really need to go.

I was still struggling to get rid of several shirts from high school because I just loved them and I didn’t love them any less, I just didn’t wear them anymore.  I couldn’t let go of something that seemed to be so attached to who I was/am.  Silly right?  I mean, they’re just shirts and I knew that so that’s why I called in help…Jeff!  I willingly asked Jeff to look through my closet and pick out my clothes he didn’t like, or to put it nicely, clothes he thinks I should get rid of.  He refused knowing that this was only going to get him in trouble.  I reassured him it was okay and I thought it was a really good tip that I was going to blog about which he responded to with laughter.  After the laughter, he claimed that if I was going to blog about it then I better offer up some free marital counseling afterwards because all it would cause is a marriage disaster.

Funny  thing is, I hadn’t even thought about that.  I insisted he carry out the task and I would have to decide for myself about wether or not to blog about it.  The fact is, I really wanted to know what clothes he didn’t like.  After all, he is the one I’m trying to impress when I wear them so I should want to get rid of anything he doesn’t like.  Anything but my yellow shirt he picked out!  Really?  You don’t like that shirt?  Hmmm….I thought, yeah it probably is time for it to go….haven’t worn it in several years and if he doesn’t like it…okay…garage sale it is!

Now, I do have to admit it wasn’t as easy as it sounds.  First of all, he was probably pretty smart because he said he could only find two he didn’t care for…I’m sure there are more but he knew I wouldn’t be able to take it if he revealed all his dislikes.  I was a little bummed about only whittling my wardrobe down by two shirts, but hey, baby steps.  Second of all, I have to admit I didn’t get a warm fuzzy feeling when he picked out my shirts…it kind of stung a little, but the funny thing is, they were both shirts that I had been debating about getting rid of and I just needed that extra push to get me to let go.

So there you have it…we made it through the clothes trial and are still happily married.  Having survived, I still think this is a good tip, but only if you think your marriage can withstand it because I have no counseling qualifications whatsoever.  You’re on your own and proceed with caution…

As I was writing this post I realized that Jeff must having something against the color yellow because 1) he doesn’t like my yellow shirt, 2) he didn’t like my dream yellow car, and 3) he owns no yellow shirts…none, zilch, nada!  What did the color yellow ever do to him?  Perhaps he has nightmares of banana men chasing him into a sea of dandelions.  Too far fetched?  Maybe, but I can’t come up with a more logical reason at this time.

yellow cavalier

My sweet yellow car I was forced to part with once news of pregnancy became known and we decided to get a family car

how to organize a closet by color

No yellow shirts of any kind are to be found in Jeff's closet

Do you give this shirt a thumbs up or a thumbs down?

Doesn’t really matter, because after I tried it on I realized it was a belly shirt now…does that mean I’m getting taller?

Dying to know if you put your marriage to the test with this tip…do share!

3 comments to The Yellow Shirt Story

  • KellyO

    Well, I think you look good in yellow, but if it’s too short, it’s gotta go!

  • Wow, I’ve never even thought of what my hub doesn’t like that I wear. Hm… I think I could do it, as long as I get to tell him what I don’t like of his, haha!

  • TBuster

    I think you look lovely in yellow! But, I guess it’s never a good day to wear that shirt your hubby doesn’t like on you – I think you should replace with a few shirts that are his FAVORITE color on you! 🙂

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