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Groupon is a company that negotiates huge discounts—usually 50-90% off—with popular businesses. They send the deals to thousands of subscribers in their free daily email, and as a result, send the businesses a ton of new customers. You as a consumer benefit from the exchange but getting great deals on stuff!   The Groupons are based on businesses near you.  Every day there is a new deal you can get.

I must warn you though, don’t just buy a good deal because it is a good deal.  I have spent WAY TOO MUCH money on good deals I didn’t need.  Kinda defeats the purpose don’t you think?  Anyway, just make sure it is a deal that will actually save you money and you’re not buying something you wouldn’t normally purchase.  It doesn’t hurt to sign up though because I’m sure the perfect deal will find you in no time!

Any of you already signed up for Groupon? What kind of deals have you gotten?

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