How to Cover a Cake with Fondant


Want a professional looking cake to celebrate that special day but don’t went to spend a lot of dollars? Try making a cake covered with fondant icing to get a clean, professional look for a fraction of the cost and just a little work.  Follow the step by step instructions with pictures below to see how to cover a cake with fondant icing.

Game Plan:

1. Remove frozen cake 24 hours prior to decorating. Take off all wrapping to avoid sogginess and let the cake unthaw in the refrigerator uncovered.

instructions on how to freeze a cake

Remove cake 24 hours before decorating.

2.  Secure your cake to a cake board or plate with a big spoonful of frosting.

This will keep the cake from moving or sliding

3. Spread icing over the entire cake. This is called dirty icing a cake.

We like to use buttercream icing for this and have made our own and used store bought.

If you have several layers of cake, make sure to apply a layer of icing between all the layers.

frosting a cake with a large knife

Make sure the entire cake is covered with icing to allow the fondant to stick

4. Put the cake in the refrigerator to harden the surface slightly.

The fondant will be less likely to shift if attached to a cool, firm surface.

5. Bring fondant to room temperature before using.

If fondant is firm, knead until it becomes soft.

6. Roll out the fondant onto a work surface using a rolling pin.  Roll fondant out until it is about 1/4″ thick and is slightly larger than your cake (this includes not only the top of the cake, but the sides as well).

If fondant is sticky, sprinkle cornstarch or powdered sugar onto the fondant.

rolling out fondant frosting with a rolling pin

Roll out fondant on a smooth surface using a rolling pin

how to roll out fondant

Roll out fondant to 1/4" thick and until it is slightly larger than your cake

7. Flip the fondant over and lay fondant on the cake gently.

We always work together on this part because the fondant can easily tear.  Flipping over the fondant allows for a shiner surface because the side facing up will not have been in contact with powdered sugar, but is not a must, especially if the fondant is white.  If your fondant looks fine after rolling it out, I wouldn’t take the risk of flipping it over.

how to cover a cake with fondant

Jeff and I working together to move the fondant onto the top of the cake

how to cover a cake with fondant icing

Make sure the fondant will cover the entire cake, including the sides

8.  Smooth the fondant with your hands, starting in the center of the cake working towards the edges and then down the sides.

Be careful not to stretch the fondant.

9. Cut excess fondant from around the bottom of the cake using a knife or pizza cutter.

how to decorate with fondant

Cut off excess fondant using a pizza cutter of knife

10.  Decorate your cake with flowers, paint, colored fondant, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

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Good luck and don’t be afraid!

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