How to Make a Crossword Puzzle

Need an activity for a class, conference, party, or shower? An easy game to prepare is a custom crossword puzzle that fits the theme of your class or party.

I made the crossword below for a game at a bridal shower.  It stirred up discussion and allowed the guests to get to know the couple a little better based on the questions and answers.

make your own crossword puzzle

To fill out the crossword, guests had to answer questions about the couple

Game Plan:

1.  Come up with a list of questions and answers for your crossword.

It works best if your answers are just one word.  If they’re not one word, the two words will have to be pushed together and in your question make sure to put in parentheses how many words the answer is, for example (2 wds)

2. Go to Discovery Education’s Puzzlemaker and follow their directions

3.  Make appropriate amount of copies and make sure to print a key!

Before you make a lot of copies, fill out the puzzle yourself and make sure everything is spelled correctly and set up right.

Sample Questions for a Bridal Shower Crossword:

1. Where did the couple have their first kiss?

2. What month did the couple get engaged?

3. When did the couple first say “I love you”?

4. How long has the couple been together?

5. What month is the couple getting married in?

6. What is the bride’s (or groom’s) middle name?

7. Where town is the bride (or groom) from?

8. Where did the couple meet?

9. Where will the couple reside after getting married?

10. What is the couple’s favorite thing to do together?

11. Where is the couple’s favorite place to eat out?

12. What nickname does the the groom call the bride?  (visa versa)

13. What actor does the groom remind the bride of?  (visa versa)

14. What is the couple’s song?

15. Where is the couple going on a honeymoon?

Make a crossword puzzle for numerous occasions!

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