How to Freeze a Cake for Decorating

Feel like you have a million things to do before the big party?   Want to make a professional looking cake? Baking your cake before hand and freezing it is your solution!  If you bake your cake days or weeks before the party, you can have more time when the date gets closer to make other food or decorations for the party.  Plus, freezing your cake makes it a lot easier to frost because it is not as crumbly after it’s been frozen.  A frozen cake is said to last up to a month without losing any freshness; the longest I have frozen one is a week prior to decorating it.

  • box of cake mix
  • cake pan
  • large serrated knife
  • plastic wrap
  • aluminum foil
Game Plan:

1. Bake cake from scratch or according to package directions.

For this cake, we made two individual square cakes from one box of cake mix.

step by step guide to freeze a cake

2.  Remove cake from cake pan and place so rounded (top) side is up.

Run a knife along the edge of the pan to help loosen the cake from the pan.

3.  Cut off rounded top by cutting straight across the cake.  Remove cut off portion.  Remaining cake should be flat.

Don’t toss the cut off cake!  My son and I LOVE eating the warm cake top that has been removed!

leveling a cake

Use a large serrated knife to level the cake

how to freeze a cake before decorating

A cake that has been leveled

leftover cake pieces after leveling

A heap of chocolate cake that has been cut off

how to freeze a cake

Rylan enjoying eating the rejected chocolate cake!

4.  Wrap cake tightly with plastic wrap and then cover the plastic with aluminum foil so no air can penetrate the wrapping.

instructions for freezing a cake

Wrap cake layers tightly in plastic wrap and foil

5.  Put the wrapped cake in the freezer.

6.  You can freeze a cake for up to a month and it will taste perfectly fine and still be moist.

I baked this cake two days prior to decorating it.

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Happy baking and decorating!

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