Free Projects for Kids at Home Depot


Looking for something fun to do with your kiddos on a Saturday for little to no cost?  Have a Home Depot near you? In case you don’t know, Home Depot offers FREE kids how-to-workshops on the first Saturday of each month at ALL Home Depot stores.  They usually run between 9 AM- 12 PM.  The workshops are said to be designed for kids ages 5-12 .

We had never taken Rylan to any of them because I didn’t think they would allow him to participate because he is only three.  However, my husband Jeff took Ry with him to Home Depot a couple Saturdays ago because he needed to get some supplies to work on a couple of projects I had given him.   It just happened to be the first Saturday of the month and Home Depot had a workshop for flower planters set up.  They were all out of planters but they let Rylan build a boat which was perfect because he wouldn’t know what to even do with a planter.  Anyway, I was very impressed that they not only let Ry participate, but they also supplied him with a different project since the original project was gone.  We will be visiting Home Depot from now on on the first Saturday of each month!

The next Home Depot kids how-to-workshop will be on May 7.

free kids how-to-worshop home depot boat

Rylan showing off the boat he and Daddy made at Home Depot

how to paint wooden boat

We decided to jazz up the boat with some paint

free kid projects at home depot

projects for free at home depot

free kid projects at home depot
free kid project at home depot

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