De-clutter your Closet: Summer Attire


What a week!  I hope you have found this week as refreshing as I did as you finish up de-cluttering and organizing your closet.  So far we have: sifted through sweaters & sweatshirtscleaned out pantsweeded out shirts; and sorted through dresses, skirts, outerwear, and pajamas.  All that’s left is summer attire.  I left this for last and grouped it into one day because I don’t feel like you need to use a fine tooth comb to go through these clothes since we are just beginning the season.  Who knows, you may find  a new love for an old shirt this summer or fit back into some clothes you didn’t the previous summer.

Game Plan:

1. Pull out you summer clothes so you can see what you’re working with as the days start to heat on up.

2.  Pull out anything you really don’t like and try it on to determine wether or not to keep it.

3. Put the summer clothes you no longer want in a garage sale box or donate to Good Will.

get rid of clothes you no longer wear

A random sampling of sumer clothes (and some pjs) I decided to ditch

4. Switch out your winter and summer clothes if you have very limited clothing storage space.  If you have lots of storage, give your summer clothes the easiest accessible drawers and spaces.

I replaced two drawers of sweaters with shorts.  My sweaters are now stacked at the top of my closet where my shorts used to be.  I also moved all my summer shirts to the top rack in my closet and my winter clothes to the bottom rack.  I now get excited about summer just walking into my closet because the first thing that catches my attention is all my brightly colored t-shirts!

5. Bag up or box up ALL of your GET RID OF piles and take to a donation center or put in an attic or storage place until you have a garage sale.

how to organize and simplify your clothes clutter

Jeff and I had three full bags of clothes after de-cluttering our wardrobes!

Well that’s the end of the de-cluttering.  Check back tomorrow for some helpful tips to further organize your now reduced wardrobe!

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