De-clutter Your Closet: Shirts


With spring beginning and flowers budding, it is time to pare back our wardrobe for the new season.  This is a big project so I’ve broken it up for you throughout the week.  Yesterday, we went through and organized pants and on Monday, we sifted through sweaters and sweatshirts.

Today’s focus is going through ALL of your shirts including dress shirts, t-shirts, etc!  This will probably take you 10-20 minutes depending on how many shirts you have and how quickly you’re able to make decisions!

de-clutter your clothes closet

Game Plan:

1. Pull out all your shirts so you can see how many you have.

2.  Make 3 piles: KEEP, MAYBE, GET RID OF and start sorting them out.

  • The KEEP pile is for shirts you wear all the time.
  • The MAYBE pile is for shirts you only wore once or a couple times the past several years.  If you really want to get ride of clutter, go by just this past year.
  • The GET RID OF pile is for shirts that don’t fit or you can’t remember the last time you wore them!

3. Try all of the shirts on in the MAYBE pile.

  • If it doesn’t fit, move to GET RID OF pile
  • If you don’t love it, move to GET RID OF pile
  • If you have mixed feelings, hang onto it for one more year only
  • If you love them AND it fits, move to the KEEP pile

4. Look at your two piles and admire your ability to get rid of some unneeded items.

It’s important to have everything out in one spot and actually comprehend how many clothes you have.  This will help motivate you to get rid of more.

5. Fold the shirts in the KEEP pile and put back into their spots neatly.

keeps drawers organized

Fold shirts in the KEEP pile and organize into drawers

6. Put the shirts in the GET RID OF pile in a garage sale box or donate to Good Will.

how to de-clutter your closet of clothes

Shirts I am stowing away for a garage sale

keep your closet clean and organized

T-shirts to be put in the garage sale pile

7. Enjoy all the new space in your drawers and closet!

I wish I would have done this project BEFORE I went shopping with birthday money.  I bought five new shirts and now realize I could’ve done without!  It felt good to get rid of some shirts I’ve had since high school!  Yes…I have a hard time letting go of things I really like…even if I don’t wear them!

Before you turn out the lights tonight, take some time to go through your shirts!

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