De-Clutter Your Closet: Fast Pace


I decided to make a different post for my husband, Jeff’s, downsizing of clothes.  I realize everybody has their own way of doing things and when it comes to organizing, he and I definitely do it differently.  I tend to take my time and take a long time to make decisions because I have all the memories attached with each piece of clothing.  Jeff, on the other hand, likes to do it as quickly as possible and can’t even remember what stylish shirts his loving wife has given him!  Ha…interesting the way our minds and memories are wired differently: I find organizing exhilarating and therapeutic…Jeff sees it as a chore…I’m sure most people would relate to Jeff on this one!

Anyway, I wanted to post his success at downsizing and throw the idea out there that you don’t have to spend a lot of time de-cluttering your closet if you don’t want to.  Yes, I do think there are benefits to going through your clothes meticulously, but if the idea of that makes you not want to do it, then do it at a fast pace and in one evening.  My husband cleaned out his entire wardrobe in under 30 minutes!  Even though he did it fast, I was just glad he did it and got rid of some stuff he hadn’t worn in a long time.

organize your clothes

Left to right: KEEP pile, MAYBE pile, and GET RID OF pile...all undershirts

de-clutter your clothes closet

My husband's GET RID OF pile

The most important part of de-cluttering, is not HOW you’re doing it, but THAT you’re doing it!

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