Create a Monogrammed Centerpiece


Need a low cost decoration for a wedding, shower, or party?  Here’s an idea for an elegant and fun centerpiece that makes a statement without much fuss!  Touches of color really make this decoration pop!

centerpiece for a bridal shower

A centerpiece that makes a statement using the couple's initials

Game Plan:

1. Fill bud vases 3/4 way full with stones

2. Wrap ribbon around bud vases 2-3 times and tie together.  Cut off the ends at an angle.

Make sure to wrap the ribbon around the bud vase where the stones stop.  There should be no space between the rocks and ribbon.

3. Cut out one large circle and two small circles using a Cricut Personal Electronic Cutting Machine or scissors

4. Get a different paper and if using a Cricut Personal Electronic Cutting Machine, cut out identical sized circles, but choose one with a border in it to cut out.  If using scissors, cut out circles 1/2 inch smaller than the previous ones in a different paper

5. If using a cricut machine, glue the border circles on top of the plain circles.  If using scissors, glue the smaller circles onto the top of the bigger circles, creating a border/matting effect.

6. Cut out first name initials of the couple and the groom’s last name.

I used a cursive font for the first name initials and a plain chunky font for the last name initial to make it stand out.  I also chose to use different colored paper for the different initials.

7. Glue initials in the middle of the circle.

8. Tape circles to the top of the metal skewers.

wedding centerpiece

Use tape to attach the monogrammed circles to the metal skewer tops

9. Repeat steps 3-7 if centerpiece will be seen from both sides.  If not, cut out plain circles to match the sizes of the circles cut in step 3.  Attach circles to the backside of the circles and skewers using double-sided tape to create a finished look.

10. Adapt this game plan to fit your needs.  Use vases you have on hand instead of bud vases.  Use words like baby, cute, and coo instead of initials to make it appropriate for a baby shower.  Use candy instead of stones for a fun look.  The possibilities are endless!

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Let me know how you used this idea for a party of yours!
I’d love to know what changes you made!

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