Cheap Easter Craft & Decorations


This past weekend, our family painted some Easter eggs together.  It was a great way to brighten up the cold dreary day outside.  We had a lot of fun getting messy and admiring one another’s work.  The whole family was able to join in on the fun except our little chick, Owen.

This project is really simple and very inexpensive.  I purchased the cardboard eggs at Hobby Lobby.  They are regularly priced at 3 for $1 but I got them 50% off, making each one about $.17 each!  Then I bought three bottles of acrylic paint in pastel blue, green, and pink.  I already had purple and yellow.  The bottles of paint were each under $1.  So for nine eggs, it cost around $4 plus we have lots of paint left for other projects!

easter egg painting craft

Our family's painted Easter egg creations

  • paintbrushes
  • acrylic paint in colors of your choosing
  • cardboard eggs
  • paper or plastic to protect your table with
  • paper plate
Game Plan:

1. Cover table or workspace with some type of protective covering.

2. Squirt paint onto paper plate.

3. Designate a paint brush for each color so you don’t have to keep washing them.

how to paint easter eggs

Assign a paint brush to each color of paint

4. Paint your little hearts out!

5.  Cut up an empty toilet paper holder to hold your eggs in while letting them dry.  Once dry, flip them over, and paint the other side.

Here’s how our painting went:

how to paint easter eggs

Rylan painting his egg with LOTS of purple

painting easter eggs with acrylic paint

The first stages of Rylan's eggs

making easter egg decorations

Me in the process of trying to make a striped egg

painting easter eggs

The first stages of my easter eggs

painting cardboard easter eggs for decorations

Jeff getting into character as he meticulously paints his egg

painting cardboard easter eggs

Rylan slathering on some more purple paint

make cheap and cute easter egg decorations

Rylan showing the camera all the paint he was able to fit on his brush

I think we will continue this tradition and I’ll name & date each egg so we can look back and see the kids’ artistic progression!

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