April showers bring April Flowers!

I know the saying is April showers bring May flowers, but I’m so glad we don’t have to wait until May for flowers to spring up! The past several weeks I’ve been out in the flower beds working to get them in shape for the blooming season. I’ve pulled weeds, used an entire bottle of round-up, laid down some weed mats, mulched, and planted. Here’s a little bit of what I’ve gotten to see so far this spring…

how to landscape

BEFORE: About three weeks ago, before we replanted the tree

purple flocks as a great groundcover

My purple phlox are in full bloom and absolutely stunning!

trailing purple flocks

These started off as five small plants and are only 3-4 years old!

purple flowers
orange tulips
blooming orange tulip

What flowers are in bloom in your garden right now?

2 comments to April showers bring April Flowers!

  • sj

    Very pretty! I believe the purple flowers are pronounced “flocks”, but its spelled “phlox”. And I think the Tulips are day lillies? I think? Anyhoo, very pretty! Phlox is one of my favorites! Does not need a lot of water and loves the sun!!!!

    • Brady

      Thank you Sarah! I knew about the spelling but forgot I guess…Had to go back and see if I did it wrong because I’ve done that many, many times. Thanks for being my editor! The tulips are actually tulips, they just look like day lillies and are amongst daylilly leaves that are growing. The tulips have just been bloomed for awhile and are opening up a lot more. Weird, I know, but they’re definitely tulips and if you could see the stem and leaves you’d be able to tell easily.

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