Turn your Bathroom into a Spa

Love the feeling of peace that encircles you as you step into a spa?  Wish you could experience that calmness every morning without having to drive somewhere or spend a lot of cash?
Well, here’s an easy way to create a spa-like feeling for your bathroom at a low cost!

Serene bathroom

Create a serene feeling in your bathroom with just a few items.

Game Plan:

1. Put Q-tips, cotton balls, or cotton pads in glass containers.

– I bought mine at Wal-Mart for around $1

2. Stack toilet paper rolls or rolled white towels

3. Place these item on clean shelves hanging on the wall or in an open cabinet

4. Rid the rest of your bathroom of clutter.

-Try and put all your supplies and toiletries in drawers and cabinets where they cannot be seen.

5. Find a fresh scent to deodorize your bathroom.

-I like Bath and Body Works’ Dancing Waters and Rainkissed Leaves

What other low cost ideas do you have for creating serenity in your bathroom?

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