Plant Snow Crocus

Are you counting down the days until Spring?  Tired of the cold, dreary winter? I sure am.  It is hard to be cheery when gray skies blanket the sky.  Lucky for me, I planted some snow crocus a couple years back not knowing anything about them.  They are awesome– mainly due to the fact they bloom really early.  I thought I would share some pictures of them with you and cheer you up– nothing says spring like bright blooming flowers!

white snow crocus

Beautiful blooming white snow crocus decorating my yard

Snow crocuses are the earliest of spring flowers. They often burst into bloom, while snow is still on the ground. They are very hardy flowers and usually bloom late winter or early spring.  If it snows again before they bloom or during bloom, that’s okay. They will be unharmed.


1. Plant crocuses singularly or in groups. Do not plant a large number of them close together because they will rapidly multiply. In a year or two, that small group will become a big clump.

2. Plant crocus corms in the fall

3. Select a sunny location where the soil is not too wet or soggy

4.  Add compost and bulb fertilizer to provide a rich bed for growth

5.  Plant them 2 inches deep from the top of the corm

6.  Add a thin layer of mulch on top to keep in moisture

yellow snow crocus

I have yellow and white crocus, but there's a vibrant purple I'd love to plant too!

So this is a project for the fall, but I couldn’t wait until then to share the pics.
When fall rolls around, dig in and plant some crocus so come next winter you’ll have your own winter pick-me-up outside your window!

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