My Sonic Deal

sonic drive in

Today was like any other day…that is, until I swung by Sonic on my way to run an errand.  I’m usually too money conscious to treat myself to anything, but Owen had been particularly fussy the half hour before we left and I thought a sparkling strawberry limeade just might take the edge off.  Of course, that meant Rylan wanted something to so I decided a cherry slush would be perfect for him.  As I pulled into the stall, I realized there were still ten minutes before happy hour ended which made me, well…HAPPY!  Now our drink splurge would only cost us half the amount I had originally thought.  I pushed the red button and waited…

Sitting there listening to others dictate their orders, I reached for my wallet, proud of myself for treating myself and the kids to a cheap treat.  As I plunged my hand in the diaper bag pocket, I noticed an unfamiliarity– my hand went down further than normal.  I quickly examined the bag…was it my worst nightmare?  It was!  I had forgotten my wallet at home!  I gasped out loud, “Oh no!” which spurred my 3 year old to question our disposition.  As I explained to him my forgetfulness and reached for the gear shift, the voice over the speaker came on.

I contemplated, should I just drive away?  No, that would probably be rude.  Embarrassed, I muttered to the Sonic employee, “I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to cancel because I just realized I left my wallet at home.”  Without hesitation, he happily replied, “That’s okay, it will be on us today.”  I sat there with a confused look on my face I’m sure and because I was so embarrassed by the situation I turned down the offer.  The Sonic employee insisted and I believed the sincerity in his voice when he said, “It’s no problem at all.  Just make sure to come back and visit us again.”  Really, I thought…why not?  Seeing that I was only going to cost them around $2, I placed our order for a Route 44 strawberry limeade and a small cherry slush.

Now I know what you might be thinking, that’s all you ordered?  Why not order a huge amount of food when given the opportunity?  Well, I already felt guilty enough and it just wouldn’t be right…but the idea did cross my mind.  Then that reminded me that I couldn’t believe he was going to let me order for free not knowing wether I had a van full of teenage boys or just me by myself.  So I know he wasn’t paying for our drinks out of pocket, but it is rare to have a company go above and beyond to serve their customers…erm, freeloaders.

What a blessing.  Whether the Sonic employee could hear the disappointment in my voice over the intercom or not, God used him as a tool to boost my stagnant spirit today.  I was reminded that THERE ARE good people in the world who enjoy going out of their way for others.  I’m glad I ran across this rare gem of a person today.  The chilled strawberry limeade soothed my frazzled brain, but the random act of kindness refreshed my soul.  What a day changer!  Oh, and I’ll definitely be back Sonic employee!

Have a similar story?  I would love to hear it!

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