Magazine Makeover


Have lots of magazines piled up somewhere? With the birth of my second son in July, I fell way, WAY behind on reading magazines.  My nightstand became littered with untouched magazines and every time a new magazine arrived in the mail, I groaned.  I was becoming overwhelmed with my huge stack and knew I needed to act fast.  Some of the magazines I had read and was keeping because there were articles in the magazine I wanted to hang onto “just in case,” most of them I had not even turned a page.  If you’re like me, suffering from hanging on to too many magazines “just in case” or are behind on your reading, find out how to dig yourself out of the piles of paper!

Magazines cluttering a nightstand

Some of my magazines that were cluttering my nightstand

Game Plan:

1. Gather all your magazines and read through them

If you are way behind like I was, just read the articles that interest you and skip the others.

2. Rip out any articles you want to keep

3. Put saved articles in a folder or what would be ideal is to put them in protective sleeves in a 3-ring binder and categorize them.

I plan on organizing mine into a binder when I have the time, but for now I am just keeping them in a folder.

Magazine articles in a folder

Store your magazine articles you want to keep in a folder for easy access

4. Recycle magazines or give to someone with related interests or a teacher who could use them for craft projects.

I gave a stack of parenting magazines to a friend getting ready to have her first baby.

I was able to get rid of 55 magazines, which is 8 more than the picture even shows below.  I can’t imagine searching for the articles I wanted in that huge stack of magazines.  Now all I have to do is flip through the folder– what a time saver! I can’t wait until I have time to organize them into a binder to make them even more accessible– I will update you when I do.

pile of magazines

In place of 47(55) magazines, I now just have a handful of articles!

organized nightstand

Now I can actually access the things in my nightstand I read on a daily basis.

Hop to it!  Start thumbing through those magazines.  You don’t need to keep the whole thing– just the articles you want!
I’m curious to know how you did.

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