Letters to your Little Ones


My journals for Rylan & Owen

For those of you with children, you know that time goes by extremely fast.  No matter what their age, they are always making us laugh or think about life in a new way.  My three year old, Rylan, cracks me up every day with funny things that three year olds say.  No matter how funny the saying is, I find myself forgetting it before my husband even gets home from work, let alone remembering it for a lifetime.  I guess that’s what happens to your memory as you age!  That being said, I find it important to preserve these moments for your kids, especially if they’re really young because they won’t be able to form the memories themselves.

My project for you this week is to write letters to your kids in a notebook or journal.  It doesn’t matter what age your kids are, the point is to start now.  Your children will enjoy reading through it and reliving those moments, not only how they remember it, but seeing it through your eyes too!  What a great gift to give to your children!

  • notebook or journal
Game Plan:

1. Get a notebook or journal

I bought mine at Hobby Lobby because they were only $1.99 and I frequent that store often.  Unfortunately, when I was needing them, the selection was pretty girly but hopefully they won’t mind!

2.  Write, write, write!

Don’t put pressure on yourself.  Try to take time once a month to write to your child.  They don’t all have to be lengthy letters; your entry could be a list, a story, or just something funny he/she said that day.

Entry Ideas:

  • lists: your favorite foods, your favorite things to do, your favorite books, your favorite songs, your favorite toys, your friends, movies watched this month
  • stories: funny, sad, include lots of details and descriptions
  • a funny quote he/she said
  • a letter from Daddy or someone else special to the child.  I try to get my husband to write at least one a year.
  • let your kid write an entry or draw a picture in the journal

3. Write in page numbers at the top or bottom so if your child has a favorite entry, he/she can find it easily

4. Read entries to your child as they’re growing up.

My friend, Tracey, gave this idea to me when I had my first child.  She has four children ages: 17, 14, 11, 9.  She has been writing to all four of them since she was pregnant with them.  Her kids love for her to read to them out of their journals.

5. Pass them on:  I think these would be a great gift to give to your children when they graduate, get married, or have their own child.  I’m not sure yet when I will pass them on…luckily I have some time to figure it out!

An entry I let Rylan do all on his own

A letter Jeff wrote to Owen

Let me know what you think.  Are you already doing something similar?

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