Kid Craft: Paint a Snake

Looking for a cheap activity to do with your kids? I thought this one was great because it not only gave us an opportunity to be crafty, but we also had a cool toy snake afterwards the boys could play with!

I found the wooden snake at Hobby Lobby when all of the wood items were 50% off.  The snake was regularly priced $1.99 so I got it for only $1!  They had lizards too.

Game Plan:

1. Line table with newspapers or other paper to protect it from paint

paint a snake crafting with kids

Rylan excited about getting to paint his wooden snake!

2.  Squirt paint onto a paper plate

3.  Paint one side of the snake and let dry

crafts for kids paint a snake

We painted the first side apple green

4. Flip painted side over, paint the other side and let dry.

crafting with kids blue snake

We kept things simple and painted the other side blue

5. Use a permanent marker to make eyes on the snake

Rylan and I painted our snake on Tuesday, which was perfect because it was rainy and dreary outside here in Missouri!

wooden toy snakes

Sammy (orange snake given to Rylan by my parents) now has a best friend, Sammy Jr. (blue snake)

Let us know how your creations turned out!
These can also be made as gifts for friends, grandparents, or other loved ones.

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