Create a Black & White Photo Wall


Do you have tons of photos stored on your computer where nobody can see them?  Is it time for you to print off some recent photos of your family and friends?  Today is the day to get started on a new project then!

Turn a bland wall into a masterpiece.  Make a statement by creating a collage with black and white photos showcasing your life, friends, family, or interests.  You’re sure to get lots of compliments!

black and white collage

Black and white photos adorning my staircase wall

  • black and white photos
  • black frames
  • hammer
  • nails
Game Plan:

1. Print off black and white photos in all different sizes

Black frames

Gather all your frames and photos to hang up

2. Find black frames around your house, buy black frames, or spray paint some frames black to fit all of your photos

-The frames do not need to match styles because they will all be black which will unify them.  I like to mix it up and use some collage frames, some with matting, and some with words.

3. Clean the frames and glass before putting in your photos.

4. Find a wall where you would like to hang your photos.

-I really like this idea as a way to liven up a hallway or staircase.

5. If you do a haphazard arrangement like mine, you don’t have to worry about everything being lined up which makes it really easy.

-I just started with hanging the middle photo and then worked out from there.  No pre-measuring, just nailed, took a step back and figured out where I wanted to go next.  I went back and forth on each side of the middle photo, working outwards.

6.  Feel free to add black shelves, lettering, or a clock.  I also like to add in pops of color too, which is why I have a blue vase and an orange flower on different shelves.

black and white collage

I have gotten LOTS of compliments on this wall over the years.  It makes such a statement when people enter our house.  I love it because I can continue to add to it or change the photos as we create more memories.

I would love to see how your collage turned out.
Upload some photos!

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