Clean Out & Straighten Up Shoes


Is your shoe storage area a mess? Ours was so last week we took a couple minutes to clean out and straighten up Rylan’s shoes.  I put away our snow boots, hoping it won’t snow again and then put up a couple of pairs of shoes that no longer fit Rylan.

Take a couple minutes today to clean up your shoe spot and enjoy looking at a small organized space when you’re done!

Game Plan:

1.  Put away seasonal shoes

2. Put away or put in a garage sale box shoes that no longer fit

3.  Straighten remaining pairs of shoes

cluttered shoe closet

BEFORE: Rylan's mess of shoes made me cringe every time I opened the closet door

clutter free shoe closet

AFTER: Rylan's shoes lined up and organized-- how refreshing!

Give two minutes of your time today to complete this project.  Not tomorrow, today!

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