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The Teach Me Time Clock is a great learning tool for kids

The most pleased I’ve been with a purchase this past year is the Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock and Nightlight we purchased with Rylan’s birthday money.  It was all my husband’s idea, and boy am I glad I married such a smart guy!

This clock eliminates the headaches and hassles of Rylan’s morning routine, teaches Rylan responsibility, and gives us an extra 10-20 minutes of sleep every morning!  Now that is a clock worth buying!

Why We Love It:

1. It turns green when it is time to get up

Rylan usually wakes up at 7 so Jeff programmed the clock to turn green at 7:10, allowing Rylan (and us) additional rest time.  Before purchasing this clock, Rylan would stay in bed until we came up and got him.  We had taught him to talk into the monitor and to stay in bed until we came upstairs.  This worked great unless he woke up really early.  With the Teach Me Time Clock, he knows it is not time to wake up until the clock shines green.

2. It takes the hassle out of morning routines

Before getting the clock, we used to have to wake up and encourage Rylan to go through his morning routine: getting undressed, going to the bathroom, getting dressed, and throwing his pull-up away.  Now he does it all on his own and we don’t have to nag at him.  While he is going through his morning routine at his own pace, we’re snoozing away in the room beneath him!

3. It teaches kids responsibility

Not only is Rylan responsible for his morning routine, but he is also responsible for turning off his sound machine, humidifier, and lights.

4.  We get to sleep in later

This is the best perk, probably because we’re sleep deprived and will be for the next ten years most likely!  A couple days we have gotten to sleep in an extra 45 minutes because Rylan decided to play in his room before coming down.  What a treat– although Jeff was late for work!

  • Teach Me Time! is an adorable child’s bedside alarm clock, time-teaching tool, and dual-color nightlight all in one
  • Color-changing nightlight teaches kids to stay in bed until it’s Ok to wake; parents program “Ok to wake” time, when glow changes from yellow to green
  • Clock is white with interchangeable blue, pink, and yellow bezels; face display options, volume, and brightness are adjustable
  • For children 7 and above, Teach me Time! is a fully functional alarm clock with a snooze function, just like mom’s or dad’s
    • we got it for our son right after he turned 3 despite the recommended age

clocks for kids

Rylan loves his clock and thinks it is "cool" because it glows green!

We don’t use all of the features right now because Rylan isn’t quite old enough yet.  Every once in awhile, he will push the foot to hear what time it is, but I’m looking forward to using the clock to its full capacity when he’s old enough to learn about time.  I also wanted to mention one thing we don’t like about it is it has a soft glow and our kids are used to sleeping in pitch black.  We decided to put it across the room from his bed and that fixed the problem because it is not very bright so it can’t be seen much from that far away.

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