108 Pampers Easy-Ups for just $13.31! Just $.12 each!


I just got 108 Pampers Easy-Ups (Pampers version of Pull-Ups) delivered to my door for only $13.31!  That’s just $.12 per Easy-up! The average price for an Easy-Up/Pull-Up is $.30.

On Wal-Mart’s website, the same box of 108 Easy-Ups sells for $29, making them $.27 an Easy-Up.

On Amazon, a box of 108 Pampers Easy-Ups sells for $33.30.  You can get 30% off this price by signing up for Amazon Mom and choosing subscribe and save, making the total just $23.31 which equals out to $.22 per Easy-Up!  Don’t forget shipping is free with Amazon Mom, arrives in two days, and you can cancel your subscription for the Easy-Ups after they arrive.  In fact, I canceled mine today because I just got them in the mail.  Don’t forget that there is no tax on Amazon products either, unless you live in the state where Amazon is run– bummer for you 🙁

I got my Pampers Easy-Ups for even cheaper because I signed up for a free subscription for BabyTalk magazine and got a $10 off Amazon coupon for anything in the baby store!  Sweet deal!  I can’t promise you there will always be an Amazon coupon in every issue, but I highly recommend signing up for a free subscription of BabyTalk magazine.

parent's magazine amazon coupon

A $10 off Amazon coupon I got in the March issue of Baby Talk

Now I have always bought Huggies Pull-Ups, I guess just because of the name Pull-Up…I really never thought about it.  Anyway, I didn’t even realize Huggies made them, but decided to find the Pampers equivalent so I could earn some Gifts to Grow points.  I earned a total of 72 points with this purchase. Even if you’re not doing the Gifts to Grow program, which I highly suggest, Pampers Easy-Ups are cheaper than Huggies Pull-Ups which is incentive enough!

Happy Saving!

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