What to do with Tons of Toys


Have trouble figuring out what to do with all your kids’ toys?  Feel like they’re always littering the floor?  One step in the right direction is to utilize the space beneath your child’s bed.  There is tons of storage room there and it can be covered up easily be a comforter or bedskirt.  If you find ones that match the color scheme of the room, then they can not only organize the mess, but also add to the decor!

  • baskets to match room decor
  • labels
  • pictures of toys
Game Plan
1. Get rid of any toys your child doesn’t play with anymore.  Donate them to another family, Goodwill, or put them in your garage sale box.
2. Organize the remaining toys into categories

The categories I used for my son’s room are:

~planes, helicopters, and rockets

~play-dough and play-dough accessories

~matchbox carssnakes and dragons

~wooden traintractors

~Chuck and friends toy cars

Separate your toys into categories: airplanes, matchbox cars, and wooden train.

3. Put the toys into their appropriate basket

4. If you want, you can label the outside of the basket with words or pictures, depending on the age of your child.

I didn’t do this with Rylan because he likes to be organized just like me and has memorized where the toys go and what basket they belong to.

5. Place baskets under the bed

6. Teach and train your child to match the toys with the appropriate basket

I have found pick-up time to be much less stressful.  We set up rules at times, for example: you can only get one or two baskets out at a time and you must pick up and put a basket away before getting another out.  It’s also much easier to give pick-up tasks by asking the child to just focus on one basket at a time.  This helps him/her to not be overwhelmed, but rather feel a sense of accomplishment when one basket is finished.

Here’s what I have done with baskets under my son Rylan’s room:

I found the baskets at Hobby Lobby for $2-3.  They have several different colors to choose from.

I would love to see what baskets/containers you found to match your kid’s decor.  Upload some pictures and share any other ideas or tips you have that are related to this project.

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