Use a Carafe for a Flower Vase


When it comes to flowers, I’m definitely not your traditionalist and prefer something different and unique.  I’m much more a daisy kind of girl than a dozen red roses, although I don’t think I would turn any flowers away!

flower vase

It’s not always all about the flowers though, a lot of the look is created by the vase or container holding the flowers.  This Valentine’s Day I went with a relaxed, down home feel by using a carafe that was sitting on top of our cabinet to hold the flowers Jeff got me.  I thought it matched the look of the flowers well.  The same look can be created by using an old milk jug or some other antique glass bottle.

He used to always buy flowers in a vase until I told him to stop because it was a waste of money.  In addition, I like to find interesting things to show them off in which I don’t get the chance to do if someone else had already done it.  Check back next week to see what my favorite container is for flowers.

uses for a carafe

Use a carafe as a flower vase to create a warm, casual feel for your room

What kind of vase is holding your Valentine’s Day flowers?
What kind of flower do you like getting the most?

4 comments to Use a Carafe for a Flower Vase

  • Dusty

    I’m not a rose gal either. Orchids are my favorite. I like the variety and uniqueness.

    • Brady

      Yes. Orchids are also a favorite of mine–create a very serene mood for a room. I think Gerber daisies are my all time favorite though–love the variety and vibrancy of colors.

  • I use our carafe too (it’s just like yours!) I try to own things that have dual purposes, plus we got our carafe for our wedding– it was 1 of 2 items that Nate wanted to register for– so it’s kinda romantic to me anyway.

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