Tuesday Tip: Stay Warm

I have to warn you that today’s tip might seem a bit odd, but before you knock it you should try it first!  If you ever find yourself having trouble staying warm, even under blankets, then you must watch the video to find a very simple solution for this problem.

Like I said, definitely a tip I had to think about twice before writing about it, but I just thought it was too good to not share with everyone!  My husband may not like how I look with my pants tucked into my socks, but he sure enjoys not having to listen to me complain about being cold!

So I have to know, did you try it?
What are your thoughts?

10 comments to Tuesday Tip: Stay Warm

  • You are so cute Brady – and I love your blog, it’s awesome!

    I’ve heard of some folks using babylegs (babylegs.com) to keep themselves a bit warmer… I’ve used them on my kids, but not personally – I prefer to complain I guess. Ha!

  • Becky

    Too funny! I think NIKE ought to pay you for advertising, too!! Ha! I am enjoying your blog! Makes my day.

    • Brady

      Ha, I meant to put a disclaimer saying I wasn’t sponsored by NIKE, although I was surprised they hadn’t contacted me yet to ask me to sponsor them! Those are actually socks from middle school believe it or not…I think it is time to get some new socks!

  • Amy

    That’s so funny because the first thing I thought of when I viewed the video was “gosh, does Brady ever buy new socks, I think she had those same ones when she played middle school basket ball.” LOL!

    • Brady

      Amy, I meant to tell you sooner that I thought it was funny you remembered me wearing those socks. Yes, that was when it was cool to wear socks that came up to your calf with shorts.

  • Dusty

    Oh my! I just about wet myself watching that. Big laughs! But, I will be trying it out.

    • Brady

      I am dying to know what you think…and I would love to see a pic!

      • Dusty

        Ha! I tried it last night. I looked ridiculous, but it didn’t help that I had on crazy printed blue reindeer pants, a clashing shirt, and striped socks. ;-D My loose pants created a “Hammer Pants” effect when I tucked them into my socks. BUT, I did appear to warm up after 20 minutes or so. And, yes, I seriously thought about snapping a picture to send to you! Next time!

        • Brady

          Ha, too funny. Jeff always calls me Aladdin when I do it, which I did last night while watching TV. I will be waiting for the picture next time.

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