Tuesday Tip: Double bag those dirty diapers!


A lot of parents use diaper genies to store stinky diapers.  We were one of those until we got tired of paying $6 for the refill bags and still having the faint scent of dirty diapers seep through the cracks.  We also hated our hands getting wet from pushing down soggy diapers through the top.  So, we started using empty grocery sacks to put our baby’s diapers in and then my husband came up with an easy way to double bag them to really trap the stench.  Watch the video to see this revolutionary technique!

After double bagging the diaper you can either place it in the diaper genie or do like we do, and set it in the garage trashcan.  Whatever works for your family.

1 comment to Tuesday Tip: Double bag those dirty diapers!

  • Melanie H

    Great tip! Now that we are out of diapers here, I use this method with the dog doo. My Jeff was just walking by, and I had to stop him and let him see his namesake sharing this great tip. We both thought he looks like Jason there at the end!

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