Freezer Cooking: Muffins


Ever wish you had time to make breakfast?  It seems like mornings are crazy busy around here so trying to squeeze in making breakfast is pretty much impossible.  That’s why I take advantage of freezer cooking.  On the weekend or a day where I have some extra time, I make a couple batches of muffins to last our family the entire month.  I try to find time to do this at the beginning of every month.  The muffins taste just as good as when they first come out of the oven and you only have to do the baking once instead of every morning!  What a great way to start your day- a warm muffin with essentially no preparation!

Chocolate chip and blueberry muffins

Chocolate chip & blueberry muffins cooling off

  • Whatever the recipe calls for
  • Freezer bags
Game Plan:

1. Make muffins of your choice: can be from scratch or from a box.

Premium wild blueberry muffins

I use Betty Crocker’s Wild Blueberry and Chocolate Chip muffins that come in a box, because they taste awesome!  The Wild Blueberry mix has a can of real blueberries you use and for years I always thought my mother-in-law made homemade muffins until I found the box in the trash one morning.  What a surprise!  I figure, why do a lot of work when you don’t have to!

2. Let muffins cool

3. Place muffins in a freezer bag and label

Bags of freezer ready blueberry and chocolate chip muffins

4. Place muffins in the freezer

5. Pull a muffin out of the freezer whenever your heart desires and warm it up in the microwave!

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yellow cake box mix coffee cake


make waffles and freeze for later

Does anyone have a good and simple homemade muffin recipe?

How about a favorite box kind?

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