Clean out your Medicine Cabinet


Do you find it difficult to maneuver through your medicine cabinet?  Get a headache just looking at it?  Can’t find what medicine you’re looking for but know it’s in there?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then today is the day to clean out your medicine cabinet.  There’s nothing creative or unique about today’s project, I simply want to motivate you to clean out a small space that is easily cluttered and forgotten about.  Here’s what mine looked like a few days ago:

medicine storage
My messy medicine cabinet.  Notice how it overflows onto the above shelf because there isn’t enough room.

Game Plan:

1. Take everything out of your medicine cabinet

drugs and medicine
All of my medicine: Yikes!

2. Throw away all expired medicine

expired drugs
All of my expired medicine. Can you believe it?

3. Combine any like medicines into one package.

I was able to put four packages of band-aids into just one.  I also combined two gauze packages into one and three cough drop packages into one.

drug trash
Trash resulting from combining like medicines and getting rid of unnecessary packaging

4. Organize medicine into categories, such as children’s medicine, pain relievers, and allergy medicines.  Put medicine back into cabinet, trying to keep the categories together.

5.  Space the medicine apart, if possible, so you can look through them easily and grab one without knocking a whole bunch over.

6. Put the medicine you use daily at the very front.  We keep our vitamins for all of us right at the front edge.

7.  Take a minute to marvel at what you’ve accomplished!

organized drugs

My medicine cabinet all organized. Now I can find everything I need without having to search! Plus, it all fits on one shelf!

If you don’t have time today, make time this week.
It will probably take 10-30 minutes to complete this project.

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