Brady Recommends: Logitech Harmony Remote


Have too many remotes lying around the house?  Do you get tired of having searching for them all and then rotating through them all just to be able to watch what you want?  Well that was us several months ago.  We had four remotes we were using and now we just have one!

Logitech Harmony Remote

We downsized from the four remotes on the left to the one remote on the right!

My husband had to convince me to spend our money on it since it’s not exactly cheap and now I’m so glad we did.  I love just being able to use one remote to turn everything on.  It functions as each individual remote if you want it to.  It also controls all of the remotes so let’s say you want to watch a movie on the Xbox, you just push “watch movie” and it turns on the Xbox, TV, and the stereo and turns them all to the right input.  Truly revolutionary!

If you are tired of storing all those remotes, click on the link and check out the harmony remote we got on

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